1st-Level Artificer Infusions

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Ablative Armor: Reduce damage from next attack by 5 + caster level (max 15).
Armor Enhancement, Lesser M: Armor or shield gains special ability with +1 bonus market price modifier.
Energy Alteration M: Item using one kind of energy uses another instead.
Enhancement Alteration: Magic shield’s enhancement bonus applies to shield bash attacks, or magic weapon’s enhancement bonus applies to Two-Weapon Defense.
Entangling Dragonmark: Dragonmarked creature is entangled.
Identify M: Determines properties of magic item.
Indisputable Possession: Call an item back to your hand if it leaves your possession.
Inflict Light Damage: Deals 1d8 + 1 /level damage (maximum +5) to a construct.
Knight Unburdened: Remove the speed penalties for medium and heavy armor.
Light: Object shines like a torch.
Magic Stone: Three stones gain +1 on attack rolls, deal 1d6+1 damage.
Magic Vestment: Armor or shield gains +1 or better enhancement bonus.
Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 enhancement bonus.
Metamagic Scroll: Imbue spell completion item with Metamagic feat.
Natural Weapon Augmentation, Personal: One of your natural weapons gains special ability with +1 bonus market price modifier.
Pending Potion: Target potion or oil takes effect at a later time.
Repair Light Damage: “Cures” 1d8 + 1/level damage (max +5) to a construct.
Resistance Item: Item bestows +1 or better resistance bonus on saving throws.
Shield of Faith: Aura grants +2 or higher deflection bonus.
Skill Enhancement: Item bestows circumstance bonus on skill checks.
Spell Storing Item X: Store one spell in an item.
Summon Marked Homunculus: Summons a homunculus that explodes when destroyed.
Weapon Augmentation, Personal: Your weapon gains special ability with +1 bonus market price modifier.