3rd-Level Wizard Spells, Book of Experimental Might, Alternate Magic System

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An M or F appearing at the end of a spell’s name in the spell lists denotes a spell with a material or focus component, respectively, that is not normally included in a spell component pouch. An X denotes a spell with an XP component paid by the caster.

Order of Presentation: In the spell lists and the spell descriptions that follow them, the spells are presented in alphabetical order by name except for those belonging to certain spell chains. When a spell’s name begins with “lesser,” “greater,” or “mass,” the spell description is alphabetized under the second word of the spell name instead.

Hit Dice: The term “Hit Dice” is used synonymously with “character levels” for effects that affect a number of Hit Dice of creatures. Creatures with Hit Dice only from their race, not from classes, have character levels equal to their Hit Dice.

Caster Level: A spell’s power often depends on caster level, which is defined as the caster’s class level for the purpose of casting a particular spell. A creature with no classes has a caster level equal to its Hit Dice unless otherwise specified. The word “level” in the spell lists that follow always refers to caster level.

Creatures and Characters: The words “creature” and “character” are used synonymously in the spell descriptions.


Ablative Barrier: Surrounds the target with layers of force.

Aboleth's Lung: Targets are able to breathe water; however, they can no longer breathe air for the duration.

Absorb Verminous Ability: Absorb a single special ability from a vermin creature.

Aiming at the Target: +10 bonus on Concentration checks for previously cast spell.

Alter Self: You assume the form of a similar creature.

Arcane Lock M: Magically locks a portal or chest.


Blindness/Deafness: Makes subject blinded or deafened.


Command Undead: Undead creature obeys your commands.


Darkvision: See 60 feet in total darkness.


Eagle’s Form: You take the form of an eagle.

Energy Lash: Creates a whip of energy that inflicts 1d6 points of damage+1/two levels.


False Life: Grants 1d10 temporary hit points +1/level (max. +10).

Fog Cloud: Fog obscures vision.


Gust of Wind: Blows away or knocks down smaller creatures.


Knock: Opens locked or magically sealed door.


Leomund’s Trap M: Makes item seem trapped.


Magic Mouth M: Speaks once when triggered.

Misdirection: Misleads divinations for one creature or object.


Obscure Object: Masks object against scrying.


Protection From Arrows: Subject gains immunity to most ranged attacks.

Pyrotechnics: Turns fire into blinding light or choking smoke.


Resist Touch: Adds +2 luck bonus +1/three caster levels to touch AC.

Rogue’s Stab: Target gains +1d6 points of sneak attack damage.


Scare: Panics creatures of less than 6 HD.

See Invisibility: Reveals invisible creatures or objects.

Shatter: Sonic vibration damages objects or crystalline creatures.

Shrapnel Globe: Creates sphere that explodes, inflicting 1d6 points of damage/two levels.

Spectral Hand: Creates disembodied glowing hand to deliver touch attacks.

Spider Climb: Grants ability to walk on walls and ceilings.

Summon Monster II: Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you.

Summon Swarm: Summons swarm of bats, rats, or spiders.


Toothed Tentacle: Shadowy tentacle ending in three mouths (each AC 15, hp 10 + your caster level) projects from your hand.
        The mouths can strike foes within 10 feet of each other independently, dealing 2d6 points of damage each.


Whispering Wind: Sends a short message 1 mile/level.

Wolf’s Form: You take the form of a wolf.

Wraithstrike: Your melee attacks strike as touch attacks for 1 round.