6th-Level Bard Spells

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Analyze Dweomer F: Reveals magical aspects of subject.
Anger: As aggression, but affects multiple creatures with a more powerful rage.
Animate Objects: Objects attack your foes.
Bestow Greater Curse: Subject takes –6 penalty to two abilities; –8 penalty on attacks, saves, and checks; or 75% chance of taking no action.
Cat’s Grace, Mass: As cat’s grace, affects one subject/level.
Charm Monster, Mass: As charm monster, but all within 30 ft.
City Stride: Teleport between two cities.
Contingent Spell Lock: You store prepared spells or slots to use immediately if you become a ghost.
Cure Moderate Wounds, Mass: Cures 2d8 damage +1/level for many creatures.
Dirge: Enemies take 2 points of Str and Dex damage/round.
Dominate Person, Mass: Dominate multiple humanoids (up to twice your level in HD).
Eagle’s Splendor, Mass: As eagle’s splendor, affects one subject/level.
Empyreal Ecstasy: Targets immune to pain and mind-influencing effects, and take half damage from melee and ranged attacks; –4 to skill checks.
Eyebite: Target becomes panicked, sickened, and comatose.
Familial Geas: Commands subject to undertake a task, which passes to his nearest kin if he dies.
Fey Ring: Summon a fey creature and bargain with it for service.
Find the Path: Shows most direct way to a location.
Fox’s Cunning, Mass: As fox’s cunning, affects one subject/level.
Geas/Quest: As lesser geas, plus it affects any creature.
Geas, Mass Lesser: As lesser geas, except that it can affect more creatures.
Glimpse of the Prophecy: Gain +1 insight bonus to AC and on saves; gain insight bonus equal to 1/2 caster level on one save, or enter prophetic favor as immediate action.
Heaven’s Trumpet F: Blast of music paralyzes foes.
Heroes’ Feast: Food for one creature/level cures and grants combat bonuses.
Hindsight M: You see into the past.
Mephit Mob: Summons multiple mephits.
Nixie’s Grace: You gain a swim speed, water breathing, lowlight vision, damage reduction 5/cold iron, and enhancements to Dexterity and Wisdom.
Otto’s Irresistible Dance: Forces subject to dance.
Permanent Image: Includes sight, sound, and smell.
Programmed Image M: As major image, plus triggered by event.
Project Image: Illusory double can talk and cast spells.
Rapture of the Deep: Target becomes comatose.
Ray of Light: Ray blinds subject.
Resonating Agony: Subject nauseated or sickened for 1 round/level.
Revenance: Restores dead creature to life for 1 minute/level.
Resistance, Superior: Subject gains +6 on saving throws.
Scrying, Greater: As scrying, but faster and longer.
Shout, Greater: Devastating yell deals 10d6 sonic damage; stuns creatures, damages objects.
Snowsong: Musical snowfall aids allies in within 30 ft. and hinders enemy spellcasters.
Soul Link M: Grants target a boon, allows monitoring, and establishes a telepathic link that enhances enchantments.
Summon Monster VI: Calls extraplanar creature to fight for you.
Sympathetic Vibration: Deals 2d10 damage/round to freestanding structure.
Symphonic Nightmare M: Discordant noise haunts subject’s sleep.
Veil: Changes appearance of group of creatures.
Wave of Pain: Stuns all within cone for 1 round/2 levels.