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Detainees at a government jail in New Jersey have been trading youngster erotic entertainment while in the slammer, utilizing pirated cellphones, information cards, and the dark web, specialists said Wednesday.

Recordings and photographs of children being mishandled — including infants and babies — were downloaded and put away on a "cloud" that the detainees at the low-security office at Fort Dix shared, as per court reports.

Investigators reported charges against five detainees, including the instigator of the system, every one of whom is now spending time in jail for kid erotic entertainment.

One of the five is covertly helping out specialists and depicted how detainees had the option to ridicule jail rules without getting captured.

"Each lodging unit has one prison guard, and there are posts in each flight of stairs who can tell the unit when an official leaves their office inside the lodging unit," an FBI operator wrote in an affirmation.

"As indicated by [the prisoner], notwithstanding seeing CP and utilizing cellphones, detainees at FCI Ft. Dix are getting tattoos, cooking liquor and taking medications," the operator composed. "[He] expressed that detainees shroud cellphones in light installations, coat liners, wardrobes and under storage spaces."

Specialists said Anthony Craig Jeffries, 31, who is serving 14 years for disseminating youngster sex entertainment, was the supposed pioneer of the plan and bought a cellphone for $900 to $1,000 that was then leased to different detainees for $4 to $10 60 minutes.

A previous Fort Dix prisoner wore a wire for the feds and recorded some of them discussing the kind of pictures they were downloading. One of the detainees said he wanted to spare the material for use after his delivery.

"I'll be straightforward," he stated, "I have no aim of halting."

The FBI swore statement subtleties how courts had suggested that a portion of the prisoners get sex guilty party advising when they were condemned. Fortress Dix doesn't have a sex wrongdoer treatment program, as per the government Bureau of Prisons website, yet the office couldn't promptly say if the detainees had gotten advising somewhere else.

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